Mindful wrapping with The Modern Calligraphy Company

September 16, 2023

There’s no denying that wrapping presents is part and parcel of the festive season, and once again we’ve got you (and your gifts) covered.

Our paper bags are printed with beautiful festive designs and ready to be repurposed into wrapping paper. To add an extra special touch, here are a few simple steps for creating some beautiful lettering on your Christmas gifts.

Calligraphy step by step. What you will need: A pencil. A black marker pen.
Step 1. A woman using a pencil to do calligraphy on a gift wrapped in recyclable paper.

Sketch ideas and check the whole name fits, use our download for inspiration. Pencil onto the parcel if it is a flat surface. You might want to use books to lean on to steady your hand.

Before you work with any pen, check the ink won’t seep through and mark the gift. Go over the pencil with a marker once you are happy with the placement.

Step 2. A woman going over her pencil lines with a black marker pen.
Step 3. A woman widening the downstrokes of her handwriting with a black marker pen.

Add an additional line only where you bring the pen downwards as you write. Position it slightly to the side of every downstroke, don’t follow any strokes around that scoop over or underneath, you only want this extra thickness to the sides of the letters.

If a gift is soft or a difficult shape to lean on, write the name first and then wrap. You can wrap it quickly to mark where the name goes and then place the wrap flat on the table surface to design the name.

Step 4. A woman wrapping a gift in recyclable paper with the recipient's name written on the outside.
Step 5. A woman using a black pen to write a name on a cardboard gift tag.

Cut the gift tags from the medium and large bags and add your names on the inside.

Alternatively, spend time creating an initial on the front and simply work on your normal handwriting inside the tag. Monogram initials are also included in our download.

Step 6. A woman writing a name on a cardboard gift tag with a stylish monogram on the front.
Step 7. A woman using a pencil to do calligraphy on a recyclable paper bag.

Work on the small gift bag for those awkward shaped pressies. Avoid the handles by working in the centre, pencil on the name to be sure it fits. Now that you have tried faux calligraphy you could try using a black brush pen and having a go at working over the name, changing the pressure that you apply to get the thick and thin strokes.

Instructions provided by The Modern Calligraphy Co. as part of a partnership during Christmas 2021.

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