Made For Life

FatFace presents 'Find Your Flavour' Summer 2024.

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The sights. The sounds. The sizzling sunshine. What are your ingredients for the perfect summer? Whether you’re adventuring near or travelling far, live for the moment and create a summer for the senses. Fortune flavours the brave...

Sundae Best. A woman in a striped vest top & a girl in a multicoloured sweatshirt, eating Jude's ice cream.

FatFace collaboration with Jude’s.

The summer’s coolest collaboration sees FatFace x Jude’s bring together styles for all the family.

A girl wearing a sleeveless blue & white striped playsuit, with her arms around a giant ice cream cone model.

Med You Look

Sail through summer with sunny days, leisurely dips and laid-back get-togethers.

A woman & a girl sitting in the doorway to a sunny terrace.

Feels Like Home

Because there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. You’ve got everything you need right here.

A man lying on the grass in the sunshine, laughing with his little girl.
A man & a woman sitting on the rocky edge of a mountain, wearing T-shirts, shorts & walking footwear.

Into the Wild

Embrace your appetite for adventure and get back to nature on a break that’s a breath of fresh air.

FatFace collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society.

Embrace the elements and enjoy the salty shores and cobbled coves of our ever-predictable coast, in a collection that gives 10% of sales to the Marine Conservation Society to support their work in cleaning our oceans and beaches.