Making a difference

Protecting the places we play in

Here at Fat Face we love life outside the 9-5 and being outdoors. So to do our bit to help protect the places we play in and get more people out there we set up the Fat Face Foundation. The Foundation works with organisations and charities that enable people to actively enjoy the outdoors and respect the environments we play in. So whether it is Mountain, Beach, Ocean or Land we could help clean and protect it and make it more accessible for people who believe "life is out there".


To date we have supported many charities and individuals through fundraising events including beach cleans, cross country biking, running events and more. In addition to the Foundation, many of our crew also organise and participate in events raising money for other charities.

To find out more about the Fat Face Foundation, email

Fat Face Foundation is company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, registration number 06815924, registered office at 3 Ridgway, Havant, Hampshire PO9 1QJ. It is a registered charity, number 1129392

Fat Face Foundation
Ethical Trading

Ethical Trading

In the arena of ethical trading, we keep it real, understand what the issues are in the supply base, and ensure all of our crew are treated fairly. Since the company started in 1988, our crew have taken the time to develop their knowledge and training to ensure that our products are made in an ethical way and we work closely with our suppliers, to ensure that all factory crew are treated fairly. To this end, we have a Code of Conduct and every factory must be able to demonstrate compliance to this.


This code covers areas such as child labour, discrimination, working hours, discipline practices, freedom of association and health and safety.

However, we want to do more than this. To make a real difference, we are embarking on major projects, in partnership with key suppliers and other organisations, to deliver real and sustainable improvements to the lives of these people.